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As with most other MediaWiki sites, it is a collaborative project of individuals volunteering to do their best to maintain the site to be as factual and accurate as possible. All of the editors have their own lives and cannot be working to scan through every page to update them on every literal or abstract update on the mod 24/7.

This is not to say that pages on this wiki will be outright incorrect, but there may be inconsistencies or obsolete information within pages. We will do our best to update all of the pages when we feasibly can. If you do find an issue with a page that seems to have been missed, please let us know so we can fix it! Also do note, that most other wikis, encyclopedias, or other referenceable sources have similar disclaimers, this one itself was structurally based on the one from the Touhou Wiki.

This page may be expanded and edited as necessary. For further questions, ask on our Discord, which may be found on our main page.

Not Formally Peer Reviewed

While editors and administrators can track edits with Special:RecentChanges and similar, that does not mean every edit is fact-checked, verified, or even viewed. We will try to ensure that all changes are as accurate as we can reasonably surmise, but we have no strict imperative to do so. We take no responsibility and imply no warranty on the pages.


There is no formal or implied agreement of any kind between you and this site's administrators or editors. Pages are provided freely and only the CC BY-SA 4.0 license is understood between you and the NTM Wiki. We also take no responsibility for any changes that may occur to your contributions on this wiki.


Any trademarks, registered designs, or similar used, mentioned, or cited on this wiki belong to their respective owners. Their use does not suggest that you have the right to use them outside of the same or similar purpose originally intended by the respective author of the page, using it under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license.

Unless stated otherwise, their use also does not imply we are endorsed nor affiliated by the rights holders of any trademarks or similar, and likewise, their presence on the wiki does not imply we endorse or support the trademark holders either. This wiki does not and cannot grant others the right to use protected incorporeal property and your use of them is at your own risk.

Jurisdiction and Legalities

The server this wiki is hosted on is within the United States of America and is maintained under the restrictions put under by federal and state laws to the best of our abilities. That being said, laws within your country may differ and conflict, possibly preventing the distribution and viewing of this wiki. The NTM Wiki cannot encourage the violation of any laws and cannot be held accountable or responsible for said violations. Link or otherwise distribute this site or its content in any form at your own risk.

Not Legal Advice

All of this being said, this wiki page or any other page is not legal advice and has not been written or reviewed by a legal professional. If you need specific legal or other professional advice of any kind, please seek a licensed professional who is knowledgeable in the field you are seeking aid.

Concerning 1.12.2 and Other Ports/Forks

NTM Wiki does not recognize any official ports of NTM to Minecraft 1.12.2 at this time. The only version this wiki will support for the time being is 1.7.10 and that is unlikely to change. We do however currently recognize a 1.18.2 port and did formerly recognize a 1.12.2 port. Our official stance on the 1.12.2 forks of the mod is that they're spin-offs and we do not affiliate with, support, nor condone them and whatever they may do.

For further questions, ask on our Discord, which may be found on our main page.

(For minor context, we do not include forks meant for personal/developmental use not meant to be played by other people besides the forker(s).)

Why Aren't They Recognized?

The precise behind-the-scenes reasoning why we have disassociated from the 1.12.2 ports and developers is beyond the purview of this page and even for a meta page (but check again in case that has changed), but to summarize:

  • The developers have no real association with the official developer, HBM (aka Bob).
  • The forks feature numerous arbitrary changes and additions that are not in the main 1.7.10 version.
    • They have also been the source of much ire from major contributors and much of the community as well.
  • Calling them "ports" would also be inaccurate since they are still far behind in features from 1.7.10 that are rather old.
  • Drama.

Why Not Do Something About Them?

Due to both NTM's licensing and HBM's personal beliefs, no direct action will ever be taken against any forks, even ones we directly do not support or condone.

Concerning Disaccociated Contributors

While there are meta-pages on this wiki for topics outside of the mod's features, drama is not something we wish to document unless necessary. People listed as "contributor" and noted with "no longer associated with" should be left at that, especially since that note implies neither a negative nor a positive connotation, to begin with.

Any person encountered "in the wild" who claims to be or has been a contributor and is causing trouble, is not someone we associate with or condone.

For further questions, ask on our Discord, which may be found on our main page.