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You should note that this is not legal advice nor was it written by a certified legal professional and it is not an expansive list. Join the Discord on our main page for questions.

Collection of Information

  • To make an account, you must provide at the minimum an email address.
    • You have no requirement or obligation to use your real personal email, only one that is valid and can be used to contact you.
  • Your real name is an optional field and you have no requirement or obligation to submit it.
  • Anything you submit in a page editor will be collected within the database permanently.
  • General information related to your visit to the website is collected, as it is on all other websites as well, even if you do not interact with the site.
    • This information may include your public IP address, time of visit, and the duration of your visit.

Use of Information

  • Your email address is not shared with other editors or third parties.
    • Actions that will lead to your address being implicitly shared with another party will be notified to you and it is your discretion to share it.
  • Your real name (or the content in the field) is only used by the MediaWiki software and we make no explicit use of it.
    • Go to the MediaWiki site for more information on how the field is used.
  • All content submitted within a page editor is publicly available.
    • Superseded edits are still available in page history.
    • This data is stored permanently.
  • Information related to your visit is used for analytics by Google Analytics. We apologize for this.
    • Your IP address is anonymized before being sent to Google Analytics, however, and you are free to use a VPN, Tor, or any other internet anonymizer at your discretion. If you feel that the IP address is blocked, contact us via the email on the main page.


  • Any information collected is kept secure to the best of our abilities.
  • Your information will never be sold to third parties by us.
  • Information and data will only be retained as per software defaults and not any longer.
    • Exception including the retention period of Google Analytics.