Versions & Forks

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HBM's Nuclear Tech Mod has been in development for nearly a decade, and due to the permissive license, it has been forked a number of times for various reasons, such as adding content outside of the purview of the original developer, or porting to more modern versions of Minecraft. This page serves as a list of the most important and notable versions.

Note: The developers of the unofficial ports or spin-offs have no meaningful association with the developer of 1.7.10 NTM: HbMinecraft.

Main Versions

There are three main publicly released (or pre-released) versions/forks of the mod available that don't diverge too far from the original intent of the mod, these are:

Diverged Versions

Some forks have changed in scope and available content significantly from the original, and should be considered a different mod altogether in terms of progression and gameplay, these include:

Differences and Disclaimer

Each version has its own quirks and changes that aren't necessarily in the official 1.7.10 release.

Please note that it is highly recommended to play the official 1.7.10 release, as it always has the latest content, as well as being survival-ready and "completable", which, currently, cannot be said for any other version.

NTM: Extended Edition

NTM: Extended Edition (sometimes referred to as NTM:EE for short) is a version by Alcater, forked from NTM: Reloaded (by TheOriginalGolem, forked from the original 1.12.2 port made by Drillgon200). It is severely lacking when it comes to recent and polished features present in the official 1.7.10 version, including but not limited to:

Furthermore, NTM:EE retains a multitude of old recipes while introducing some new recipes which make progression exceptionally costly and difficult even with significant automation, such as:

  • Successive Particle Accelerator coil tiers requiring one or more coils of a previous tier
  • Multiple recipes requiring materials that must be produced in the Cyclotron by the thousands
  • Xenon-135 being required to progress the game, despite only being obtainable at incredibly low rates from RBMK Fuel, the Fusion Reactor, or mass amounts of irradiated material

On top of that, performance is significantly worse in NTM:EE compared to the 1.7.10 version, primarily due to optimizations implemented in 1.7.10 that have not been ported over.

NTM: Space

This version was forked from the original 1.7.10 NTM version, and is currently kept up to date with all the new content as it is released. It features a number of progression changes and additional content, including:

  • New ores, minerals, and fluids (nitrogen, nickel, stainless steel, etc)
  • New processing methods (hydrocarbon alkylation, cryogenic distillation, etc)
  • More item hazards (neutron radiation, etc)
  • New machines (atmospheric compression and liquefaction towers, etc)

The fork is under heavy development, and will be releasing an MVP for full survival play soon.