The Polaroid

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The Polaroid is a special item that changes its texture every time the game is loaded. It is a reference to the game The Binding of Isaac, which features an item of the same name. In the mod, The Polaroid can depict one of 16 different images, each of them complete with their own hover text message.

If The Broken Polaroid is depicted, the player's perception of the world changes slightly.


When held in the player's inventory, The Polaroid grants Resistance III as long as the player is below 10hp (5 hearts).

The time until an entity explodes into a mini nuke explosion after being hit by the Dart Gun's Timed Explosive ammo is determined by the selected server-side Polaroid ID in minutes.


"Fate chosen"

Every time the mod is loaded, a random Polaroid ID between 1 and 18 is chosen. If the chosen ID is either 4 or 9, a new random number is generated until the ID is no longer 4 or 9.

A random Polaroid ID is generated both on clients and dedicated servers separately without synchronization, meaning players in the same world may observe different Polaroids. However, on single player worlds not opened to LAN, the client-side and integrated-server-side Polaroid IDs will match. On single player worlds opened to LAN, the server-side Polaroid ID will be the host client's Polaroid ID, and on dedicated servers, there is no way to know the server-side ID other than Polaroid ID 11 through the server-side effects of The Broken Polaroid.

The Glitch uses the Polaroid ID to randomize its texture as well.

Possible Polaroids

ID Texture Text Remarks
1 ... White
2 Clear as glass. An actual hole
3 'M missingno
4 It's about time. Twilight Sparkle (never chosen)
5 If you stare long into the abyss, the abyss stares back.
6 public Party celebration = new Party(); Java code
7 V urnerq lbh yvxr EBG13! Polaroid 6 inverted and upside-down
8 11011100 A binary image
9 Vg'f nobhg gvzr. Negative of Polaroid 4 (never chosen)
10 Schrabidium dislikes the breeding reactor. Euphemium
11 yss stares back.6public Party cel Broken Polaroid 10, has special in-game effects
12 Red streaks.
13 Q1 Top right part of a map, no longer relevant
14 Q4 Bottom right part of a map, no longer relevant
15 Q3 Bottom left part of a map, no longer relevant
16 Q2 Top left part of a map, no longer relevant
17 Two friends before christmas.
18 Duchess of the boxcars. Littlepip

The Broken Polaroid

"Oh, and by the way: The polaroid shifts reality. Things can be different if the polaroid is broken." - The Glitch

If the selected Polaroid ID is 11, aka. The Broken Polaroid, a few changes, mostly visual, can be observed by the player.

Certain effects depend solely on the server's Polaroid ID, meaning that even if a player perceives The Polaroid as intact, some changes may still apply. This is irrelevant for non-LAN single player worlds, as the integrated server's Polaroid ID will coincide with the client's.

A comprehensive list of these effects follows (server-side dependent changes will be marked as such):

  • Special, alternative capes for certain individuals are rendered
  • Additions to the Catalytic Reformer's model
  • The Radar's GUI display name is set to "Reda"
  • Some items are no longer hidden from NEI: Book of Boxcars (Black Book), 3-596-50802-9, Burnt Bark, DFC Core: Thingy
  • 3-596-50802-9 appears in the consumables creative inventory tab
  • Mini Nuke explosions always display as the green Balefire variant, overriding the usual 1/100 chance (server-side Polaroid)
  • The FEL's Digamma laser replaces blocks with Digamma Matter instead of Digamma Fire (server-side Polaroid)
  • The Thingy DFC Core appears enchanted and shows a different hover text
  • Different display name and hover text for the Flipped Mare's Leg
  • Different hover texts for the following items:
    • B92 (has additional variant for Polaroid 18)
    • Bottle of S~Cola
    • Bottle of S~Cola RAD
    • Charred Crystal
    • Cracked Key
    • Crystal Horn
    • Defabricator
    • DFC Core: Thingy
    • Dust
    • Flipped Mare's Leg
    • Neptunium Ingot
    • Red Key
    • Semi-stable Lanthanium Ingot
    • Shimmer Axe
    • Shimmer Sledge
    • Stylish Flask
    • Tantalium (Ingot, Nugget, Polycrystal and Powder)
    • The First Fritz Cola
    • The First Korl

Special Ore Map

Reconstructed map of the special ore deposits

The Polaroids 13, 14, 15 and 16 show parts of a map that used to represent the locations of the different ores of the special metals. All of the ores have been removed from world generation with release 1.0.27X3878, except for Australian Ore (Australium).

The map would be a top-down view of the special ore deposit locations with the top being positive X and the right being positive Z. Each pixel is a 100 block step.

Each colored pixel on the map would represent respective ores deposited within the pixel's area, as follows:

Color Ore Metal Center (X, Z)
Yellow Australian Ore Australium -400, -400
Orange Weidite Weidanium 0, 300
Red Reiite Reiium 0, 0
Blue Brightblende Ore Unobtainium 200, 200
Purple Dellite Daffergon 400, -200
Green Dollar Green Mineral Verticium -300, 200



  • The Polaroid used to be necessary for authenticating the ZOMG Cannon as a superuser.