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This page refers to radiation as a whole, for block-based/environmental radiation, see Environmental Radiation, for item based radiation, see Item Mechanics.

Definition of radiation and info provided on the link


Marie Curie invented the theory of radioactivity, the treatment of radioactivity, and dying of radioactivity. - Achievement: Ouch, radiation!

Radiation is a major part of the mod since it not only is a key part of producing energy but also important for the progression of the player. Setting aside the pros it also has many cons with a major one being, premature death of course. Now, this page will not explain what radiation is (the obvious part) but instead what are its effects and what can the player do to protect themselves.


Exposure to radioactivity is not always so obvious and can be quite frustrating when the player is not aware of the radiation mechanic the mod introduces. Radiation intake can be caused by:

  • Radioactive items.
  • Radioactive Blocks like Radioactive barrels or nuclear waste blocks.
  • Consumption of radioactive items like Nuka cola or being shot with nuclear bullets.
  • Nuclear explosions.
  • Green Ooze.
  • Forgetting to cover your RBMK columns with cover lids like a total дебил (Russian: Debil, means moron).
  • Radon gas, usually produced by mining uranium ore.

Radiation sickness

If the player increases their radiation dose in any way, they are in for some fun.

  • <200 RADs: No effects will occur below this level
  • 200 RADs: Nausea and weakness are randomly applied for five seconds
  • 400 RADs: The weakness effect becomes stronger and slowness is added
  • 600 RADs: Slowness and weakness reach level 3, and poison 2 may rarely occur. On hard difficulty, the poison may already lead to death
  • 800 RADs: Poison reaches level 3, and wither 2 may apply, which may be deadly even on lower difficulties
  • 1000 RADs: 1000 RADs means game over by an instant unavoidable death. On the flip side an achievement is acquired mentioning the player's passing by radiation poisoning and Marie Curie's similar fate as well.

Some mobs may be affected differently by radiation:

  • At 50 RADs, Cows will mutate into Mooshrooms
  • At 200 RADs, Creepers have a 1:3 chance of turning into Nuclear Creepers, otherwise they die instantly. Ducks will evolve into Quackos The Elder One
  • At 500 RADs, Villagers will turn into regular Zombies, which prevents them from being healed back into Villagers

Protection and treatment

Radiation is very dangerous, but there are many ways you can avoid it or clean an area and yourself from it.

Some of the devices that provide protection or treatment against radiation include, but are not limited to:


  • Concrete can cover the nuclear reactor but not protect from radiation in any other scenario.
    • There is a block-based radiation system in development, and some blocks, like the waste barrels, have this property where surrounding them with concrete does, in fact, protect against radiation.
  • Radiation counts equally on an entire chunk from the top to the bottom of the chunk.
    • Exposure from a chunk radiation source will only decrease as you move away to further chunks, moving above or below a source doesn't reduce radiation exposure.
  • If the player is exposed to taint and red cloud at the same time, the player will then get the "Tainted Heart" effect, granting complete radiation immunity for one hour.
  • Radiation clouds, dead grass particles, and glowing mushrooms will not emit radiation.
  • Radiation clouds indicate that there are over 100 chunk RADs present.
    • Try to avoid these clouds if you ever spot them, they look like green smoke/fog over the ground.
  • NTM radiation is measured in RAD or Radiation Absorbed Dose.
  • When in your inventory, the Tungsten reacher will reduce your exposure from radioactive items down to the square root of their original radiation value.
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Ouch, Radiation!