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Glyphids are large insects that have many different types. They primarily spawn with naturally generated hives structures. All of the types are armored and they take less damage than against normal mobs. Glyphids are normally attracted by pollution created by the player, and usually have to be dealt with by the player.


Hives can spawn naturally in all non-ocean biomes and can also be created by glyphid scouts. They contain several glyphid egg blocks and some low-tier loot inside, lying on top of eggs. Glyphid egg blocks spawn glyphids and drop glyphid eggs upon destruction. Other hive blocks do not drop when broken. There are two types of Glyphid hives:

Normal Hives

These hives spawn normal glyphids and appear to have red spots on some of the hive blocks.

Parasitic Hives

These hives spawn glyphids that appear to have beige spots in their armor, probably from the parasites. They will also poison and nauseate you if you attack them (like thorns). If you kill them, they will explode blood and 2-4 Parasitic Maggots will spawn. The hive's color is slightly desaturated and has brown spots on some of the hive blocks.


There are currently 9 types of glyphids, The stronger types of glyphids will spawn with more pollution around their hive.

Glyphid Grunt

These are the most common type of glyphid and the least dangerous. They have 10 HP. They have beige skin and brown colored armor and they are the second-smallest glyphid type. They do not require pollution to spawn, only a nest. Drops Glyphid Meat when killed.

Glyphid Brawler

This type has 35 HP. They have beige skin and dark gray/black colored armor and are bigger than the grunts They are just grunts but bigger, stronger and with more health. Drops Glyphid Meat when killed.

Glyphid Blaster

They also have 35 HP like the brawler, and appear to be the same size as them, just with red armor instead of black armor. They fight just like the brawler but can also shoot acidic slime balls as a projectile towards the player, this can one-shot the player without armor. Parasitic Blasters will shoot their acidic slime balls when they are killed. Drops Glyphid Meat when killed.

Glyphid Bombardier

This type has 15 HP. They appear as a yellow-armored version of the basic glyphid but have the same spitting ability as the blaster, but weaker. Drops Glyphid Meat when killed.

Glyphid Scout

This type has 20 HP. They are the smallest glyphid and have green skin and black armor. They will bite the player giving the player poison, but their main purpose when they aren't attacking the player is to lead other glyphids to follow it and create a new hive. Once it has gone to it's desired spot, it will explode and a new glyphid hive will be created. They are also immune to fire.

Glyphid Digger

This type has 50 HP. They appear the same as the Brawler but with brown skin. They will bite the player but also dig out patches of the ground and throw it at the player, which can instantly kill the player without armor. Drops Glyphid Meat when killed.

Glyphid Behemoth

This type has 100 HP. They are larger than the Brawler/Blaster, with beige skin and green armor. They do not bite the player, instead they approach the player and spit sulfuric acid, if the player kills it, a cloud of sulfuric acid will appear where it died and it will drop a Sulfuric Acid Gland. Be careful, it's acid is very dangerous, it would be wise to attack it when it is approaching the player for it's attack.


This type also has 100 HP. She appears to be bigger than the Behemoth, but she has gray skin and blue armor. She will bite the player and can one shot the player without armor. She is also immune to fire. If the player kills her, then she will drop a booster pheromone gland, some Glyphid Meat and 12 grunts will spawn where she died.

Big Man Johnson

Basically the glyphid boss, he has 100 HP aswell. He is the same size and appearance as Brenda, except with green armor and a mini nuke on his back. He is also immune to fire. If you kill him the mini nuke will detonate after 4 seconds and create a pit of Volcanic Lava and Basalt, so it would be wise to shoot him from far away.


Glyphids originate from the game "Deep Rock Galactic"