Assembly Machine

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The Assembly Machine
The Assembly Machine

The Assembly Machine (also referred to as the assembler) is a key machine in every stage of the game in NTM with it being used to manufacture practically every complex machine. The assembly machine takes an assembly template to designate the recipe it will use and then will assemble the product within a specified period of time indicated on the recipe. It can be partially automated with the use of a blueprint crate but this functionality is relatively limited.


Crafted at an anvil of any tier from components that do not require an assembly machine:

Tier 1 AnvilTier 1 Anvil
Assembly Machine


GUI of an assembly machine with important areas highlighted in blue and numbered.

The GUI for the assembly machine can be accessed by right clicking it. It takes in materials from the port with the green arrow on it and pushes out finished products from the port with the red arrow on it. The four points on both sides of the machine are power inputs which in total consume 2kHE/s.

  1. Input Slots. Twelve slots for material input. Recipes that require more than 64 of any individual ingredient will require that the material is spread out over multiple slots.
  2. Battery Slot. Accepts energy from batteries placed in it.
  3. Energy Gauge. Shows the current amount of power that the machine has in its internal buffer up to a maximum of 100kHE.
  4. Upgrade Slots. Accepts speed, power saving, and overdrive upgrades up to a level cap of three, three, and nine respectively.
  5. Template Slot. Holds the template for the current recipe.
  6. Progress Bar. Shows how complete the assembly process is by filling in with white from left to right.
  7. Output Slot. Outputs the component being manufactured once finished.

Assembly templates can be inserted into and removed from the assembly machine with a template crate. When inserted, it will complete a single item and then if possible push the template into a template crate that is next to its output chute.

Despite the fact that the assembly machine can create wires and plates, it is not recommended to use it for this purpose due to the fact that it produces fewer wires and plates compared to the equivalent press recipe. As well as this, there are certain recipes for the assembly machine which have exact equivalents on the anvil, such as various upgrades and more efficient wire/plate recipes.